[UP to 60% OFF] TAIHOM ELECTRIC Offer in Lazada Malaysia

Recently, electronic devices like headphones and headsets are becoming a sensation in these times. While people mostly spending their time at home, and why using their devices like phones, tablets, and computers. It is a must to at least have an earphone, better yet a headset. Especially for those who are a producer, gamers, and Youtuber, a headset is necessary for in order for them to operate their job efficiently. 

Difference of Headphone & Headset

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There is a difference between headphones and headset, they are not the same thing for your information. Now, I am sure that there is a different type of headphone and headset there is in the world, with different quality and built, but headphone or earphone is mostly a pair of small speakers that are attached into your ear, like an electroacoustic transducer, converting the electrical signal to the corresponding sound. They are mostly used to listen to music, watching movies, both compatible with smartphones and computers. And sometimes headphone does provide full coverage to the ears than just a pair of nibble rock inserting to your ears.

With the advantage of full ear coverage headphones, this would make the sound quality more focus, that you might not feel what is going on in your outside world. Making movies and gaming more realistic where you could feel the surrounding. Surely there is also some side effect to it, that is some people would feel uncomfortable while wearing it, it will cause the area of your ear that is covered to become warmer and warmer, also causing discomfort. But not to worry, if you are at a cool temperature cool then it should not be a problem.

Then we have a headset, headset is basically the same thing just that it has a microphone is attached to it, it is basically like a headphone combining with a microphone. Whereas the headphone has an integrated mic that is not visible. Headsets are usually used for video conferencing and communications while gaming. And the mic quality between headset and headphone, the headset has better quality, quality with top-notches. If you talk about the price comparison, it depends.

[UP to 60% OFF] TAIHOM Electric Offer in Lazada Malaysia

Some headphones might be expensive than headsets, and some headsets might be expensive than headphones, it all depends on the quality of the product. Since some of the product qualities are better than the other one, and brand is different too. So, I cannot really say much about the price.

I remember the first time I wanted to buy a headset, a headset that is suitable for listening to music and watching movies, at the same time it could help with video conferencing with better communication during meetings. And there is a lot of choices there is in the market, the one I wanted to buy is nice quality and reasonable price. If you are facing the same problem as I am, well I have just the news for you.


In Lazada Malaysia, a company called TAIHOM ELECTRIC is offering is an electronic product like charging cables, headset, and wireless earphone. If you are looking for these devices, these are the products for you. The charging cables have 3 in 1 option where you could charge any device with just 1 cable. The earphones are wireless, so you can work- out or carry out your daily activities while listening to music, without any cable interference. 

And better yet, these items come with an offer that is 60% off! So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and click the below there is and grab one of these products while you still can. Always shop smart, buying a quality item with low price, not low quality with low price.

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Always remember to shop smart wherever you are. Be safe as well.