[UP to 60% OFF] Airbot Lazada Malaysia Offer

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During these Malaysia cases had risen to the level of a skyrocket, our highest cases daily are over 5000 or more since last year till now. But recently, out of nowhere the cases could be raised to 7000 or 8000 or more cases in a day, and now the highest record of the covid cases in the day of Malaysia was more than 9000 cases. That really troubles and worries the citizen, and the government had issued Malaysia to be lockdown since it is out of control.

And assuming everyone was at home, some people would feel bored and feeling there is nothing to do at home in the lockdown period. From the statistic of the lockdown in the year 2020 in Malaysia, most of the citizens found out ways and activities to kill the boredom and passed time.

As usual, some people started online sales, that really helps the economies and financial issue since social media are so powerful and convenient nowadays. With a few clicks, you can just buy any available product without actually going out, and while at it wait for the delivery.

Some people even started to work out, as it was their yearly unachieved new year resolution, and now is the best time to achieve that resolution. And it is being proved that in Malaysia, or maybe some part of the world that people are starting to live a healthier lifestyle during the lockdown compared to the life before the lockdown. Eating healthily, and exercised daily, now that is a way to kill time.

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Eventually, people are starting organizing their houses, and cleaning the house, since we wished that we could reorganize our living spaces, but we just don’t have the time to do it.  Speaking from the heart, we would clean our house every once in a while. Especially us Chinese, we only clean our house during the Chinese New Year season, otherwise, we would not clean it so often.

Thus, there is also a report of all-around social media that people started to learn how to cook! Even those who are poorly skilled become professional home cooks within the lockdown period. I have some friends who really can’t cook at all, after the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, I was surprised by what a great cook they are, and the quality of the food is superb.

If you going to clean and cook on our current lock down, then I have news for you!

Airbot Lazada Malaysia Offer

In Lazada Malaysia, a shop called Airbot offers high-quality home appliances products, from a vacuum cleaner to an air fryer or multicooker product that would benefit everyone during this lockdown. If you are looking for new home appliances recently, well Airbot is the one for you. The vacuum cleaner they are offering is cordless, unlike the one with long wired, with these, you could clean your house without any disturbance of the wire where you must move wired from place to place while cleaning. Or, if you are interested in the multi-cooker appliance, Airbot has it too where you could cook your food automatically.

Furthermore, Airbot is offering these products to the extend of 60% OFF! Can you imagine this? You could buy a branded products with more than half of the price off, so what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab one or a few of these before the offer ends! Better yet, they provide free shipping as well where the product that you buy delivers to you without paying any shipment fees.

This is about it, and I hope those in Malaysia stay safe during this time which is a critical time. So be safe and shop smart as always.

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