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Smart- phone has now become the main source that we all need in our daily living. Our daily activities like having a meeting, communication, and entertainment and so on, everything will require the use of our smart- phone. Especially in this time, where most of the people are staying at home, can’t really go out or anywhere. Sometimes, it is a drag that our got some scratches or dented from falling and accidentally knock at some places since some people would really treasure their phone very well.  

Evolution of Phone

Back then, having a brick-like mobile phone is essential to everyone. With a long antenna on the top, a hard body case like a rock, and only buttons with no display of graphics. And owning one of them means that person is very capable and rich. Not everyone could afford a mobile phone back then, only the old-school house phone is own by people normally.

After that mobile phone had evolved into a smaller version and still a brick-like phone, like Nokia 3310. It was a huge hit back then, and slowly these phones become more affordable, and it comes with single color lighting on the button, and text-based graphics. It does contain multiple function and setting, and one of the interesting things that the phone contain is game, especially the snake game where everyone loves. That is the first phone that contains a game in it.

Slowly, mobile phone once again evolves to have graphic and even has nice color graphic to providing more features like mp3 players, radios, even have 2D games. From this moment on these phones became more delicate, smashable, and not so tough compared to the phone before. Also comes with accessories where you could customize your number keypad and change the whole casing of the phone.

And now what we have on the current are called a smartphone, where mobile phone performs many functions as a computer. Having a touch screen interface makes it more futuristic, have access to the internet, and from the internet where you could literally access to anything worldwide. It is advance that it could even communicate with people from another country with few clicks. The price is even affordable than before, what the mobile phone cost before can be bought to a very high spec smartphone nowadays. And now, everyone in the world is using it and it comes with a lot of accessories.

Ringke Official Lazada Malaysia Offer

[30% Offer and MORE] Ringke Official Lazada Malaysia Offer

Some people would love their phone and treated the phone as a baby, that they can’t stand if they see any scratch or dented place on the phone. What they need is something that could protect their phone from getting scratched and dented when accidentally falling at a certain height or for other reasons. If you are looking for a phone casing, and I have something to tell you.

Here in Lazada Malaysia, a shop called Ringke Official are currently offers phone cases. High-quality phone case and with a very well design that would feast your eyes. They offer scratch-resistant casing for iPhone, better yet they even offer tempered glass screen protectors to protect your screen from scratches and camera glass as well. How cool is that? In Ringke, they even offer casing for watches, watch as in smartwatch like Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch, protecting them for long term usage. Now only that, they have offered for earbud cover, protecting the case of the earbud. Feel free to shop here, where they even offer other accessories than protective accessories.

[30% Offer and MORE] Ringke Official Lazada Malaysia Offer
[30% Offer and MORE] Ringke Official Lazada Malaysia Offer

And guess what? The product has an offer of 30% OFF! So, what are you doing still reading this article? Hurry up and get 1 for yourself, friends, and families!

It makes my hands itch just by looking at it. Anyway, remember to shop smart as always and be safe wherever you are.

[30% Offer and MORE] Ringke Official Lazada Malaysia Offer