[UP to 50% OFF] GT Mall (Toys) Lazada Malaysia Offer

Getting tired of video games all day, and browsing your phone from one application to another application there is in your phone in this lockdown? Other than social media, gaming, watching movies, and video, I am positive there are some other things we could do in this lockdown and actually have fun!

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Especially for your kids, there is nothing in spending the whole day in the media and gaming, that is fine. But you must know that sometimes too much of something is actually a bad thing. Spending too much time in media and games could raise an issue for your health, especially for children. It might influence them that they cannot communicate with people very well since all he had been doing is communicate with the computer. With this issue, that child eventually might lose his confidence in society and could isolate themselves from the real world, where they spend most of the time in the world of fantasy.

As we know how social media works, the digital era now is so powerful that you can access anything through the internet, and children of this generation are getting smarter and smarter, they quick to learn everything. And both you and I know there is a lot of stuff that is not suitable for children to browse or to see. The internet itself has nothing wrong with it, but when it is misused by wrong hands and wrong intentions, it might raise an issue.

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Do not get me wrong, I am not against the internet or constantly brought up the negative side of the internet. There are also some benefits with internet usage, where you get to learn more information and enhance your skill from it, like in YouTube and educational platforms like Udemy and so.

But other than devices like computers, smartphones, or tablets, you should also get some toys to play with. Back in the days where we do not have the luxury of the internet and these devices, we only are playing with stone, peddle,s and toys to get through our days. Sometimes we were curious, so we tend to disassemble the whole toy just to have a glimpse on the inside but could not put it back after we are done.

GT MALL Lazada Malaysia Offer

In Lazada Malaysia, GT Mall now is offering high-quality toys where your kids and even adults would be thrilled to have one. Most of the items that GT Mall offered are RC, remote control cars, trucks, and boats. Come and have a look, these would help you get by your day during the lockdown if you are bored and looking for something new to play with.

Better yet, they come with UP to 50% OFF! Hurry and go grab one for yourself and your kids before time runs out.

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Kids nowadays are very smart, they will find ways on how to play with these toys, you would be surprised. Stay safe and shop smart as always.