[UP to 70% OFF] Cotton Home Lazada Malaysia Offer

[UP to 70% OFF] Cotton Home Lazada Malaysia Offer

A great sleep always leads to a motivational day and healthier life. In science study, we humans need a least 8 hours of sleep daily before we could continue with our daily activities. Sleeping with a bad posture could wake you up in a heavy mood that could affect your entire day.

Steps for Getting a Good Sleep

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As far as I am concern, we human loves to sleep very much, there is no denial. Having a good sleep at night could actually boost your health where it improves your thinking and feeling during the day. This raises a question as well; do we really need to sleep? Yes, we do. There is a Russian scientist who manages to have an experiment on testing a few patients and making them stay awake during the night for continuous days, and the result was unimaginable. The skin of the patient literally torn apart and their whole body was so-called out of shape, like a zombie figure, just because of not sleeping for a day.

So how to get a good sleep at night? Well, if you are a coffee consumer like me, I suggest you lower the caffeine volume that you consumed daily. Especially at night, do not consume any caffeine after noon time. From my experience, I was like a coffee-immune person, whenever I drank a cup of coffee even at night, I could still sleep like a baby at night. Not until one day I suddenly had a different kind of coffee that came from a different shop, maybe it is a stronger caffeine volume in it, I had a cup-like I normally did, and because of that, it kept me awake till dawn. I could not sleep at all at night. So, whether or not you a strong coffee consumer, or whatsoever the caffeine will not affect you, do not consume any caffeine after noon time. That is one of the safe and guaranteed methods you could get a good night sleep.


Another tip of course is always sleeping early, sleep by 12 am in the morning. There is a lot of conspiracy that what should we do to get good sleep, but my personal thought is to sleep early, at the latest by 12am. Since I know there a lot of people who tend to stay late due to certain reasons, especially students who will not sleep at all during nighttime. Scientifically said, our body started to detox our body since we consume a lot of things during the day at around midnight 12 am to 2 am, so from this it is better to let our body rest up and let us do the job.

Sometimes you could have trouble sleeping early because you are still wide awake, or not use to sleeping early at night. Well, work-out might help. Do a minor work-up at dawn time like after you are back from your work. Depending on your level, do a brief exercise so that your system would tell you that you need to rest early for tonight as the energy had been consumed during the exercise. Whenever I had an exercise, my body will eventually be passed out after settling down for a day, and trust me I had a good sleep after that.

Cotton Home Lazada Malaysia Offer

[UP to 70% OFF] Cotton Home Lazada Malaysia Offer

Not only did the physical methods work on getting a good night sleep, did you know that the material of your bed is also the cause? Having a good bed would make you can’t wait to sleep at night, especially the material of your bedsheet. Not only by the looks that attract you but the texture, the feeling when you lay down on the bed. Looking for a good material of bedsheet, here is a little of info for you.

In Lazada Malaysia, a shop called Cotton Home is offering nice design bedsheets and with high quality and texture. From cotton-based sheets to the mattress cover. You know, the thick layer of mattress protector that sets under the cover helps a lot in good sleep, alike a comfort to those who are weary.

And better yet, their items are UP to 70% OFF! Hurry up and get it before times runs out! Remember to shop smart always, and always take a rest, do not overwork yourself.