[ UP to 60% OFF ] Skechers Clothing Lazada Malaysia

Yes, Skecher is one of the competitive clothing brands compare to Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Under Armour. Skechers is also widely known throughout the world and loved by millions.


As I remembered, Skechers shoes are not that popular and the sales in the market are not that impacting in Malaysia, especially in Kuching. I was a shoe detective by then, and before that, the shoes of Skechers I saw were probably worn by more elderly or mature people. It feels like it does not match our styles at all.

But not until there is one series that they released One Piece series in the year 2019, and people went crazy about it especially those who love the anime One Piece very much. From that onwards, the sales of Skechers shoes are booming skyrocket. And I must say that the One Piece series looks really good in design, the styles, the colors of the shoes matched according to each of the characters that they represent.


There are like 5 pairs of them. Although I had not bought it to try it before, reviewed had said that it is really comfy on the feet. Even girls go crazy about them, and they are the unisex size as well. Since then, this leaves a huge impact on my mind about Skechers until today, and also since then I pretty much like the shoes of Skecher.

Until now, if I were to buy new shoes I would think of Skechers, I would get one of the One Piece series or that one series I love very much, that is D’Lites 3.0. I love the colors and especially that genre of shoe styles.

Not just shoes do Skechers have, they also have clothing as well. Unlike Nike, Adidas, Puma or Under Armour, their clothing is pretty much focusing on Sports categories and most of their clothing is for sports wears, but for Skechers, they even have casual clothing, not just sportswear. They have hoodies as well, hoodies are well-loved by teenagers nowadays.

Skechers Lazada Malaysia


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Always remember to shop smart and shop hard.