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You have a business that is wide enough and you wish to enlarge your business using online and yet you do not know how? Most of the companies and shops seller has moved their businesses into the world of internet. Where you could reach to anyone from anywhere in the world instead of just from your local area.

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eCommerce Exabytes Malaysia

And I understand that if you do not know how to start your business online and afraid that you might lose a lot during the MCO lockdown period, or you can earn back any profit. Most of the people are now facing this kind of difficulty as well since not a lot of people went out for shopping since all the stores and malls are closed during the lockdown. So life is hard in these days.

Exabytes Malaysia Offers For E-Commerce Starter

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It is always the best option to put up your business into online especially these times. And what Exabytes Malaysia is offering to you is that they could help you set up your E-Commerce website, getting a free domain name for your website, and they will help you in designing your website. The design service included uploading your product, set up your store location and shipping details, setting up payment methods, professional copywriting about what your store is all about so as well as what you are selling.

Every year, they will help you update your store website to make improvements to it. You could upload unlimited product amounts as you like depending on the plans, they have the lite plan where you could only upload up to 1000 products, you could try that too depending on your budget and needs. Mobile apps are included as well.

Payment gateways like online banking, e-wallet, card payment is integrated as well, as well as the courier service. Basically, everything is done by Exabytes, all you have to do is the purchase of the plans then manage the website, that’s it. If you do not know how to start an e-commerce website, this is the best way to it. One-time setup payment is required, after that, it is all monthly payment, depending on what kind of plan you choose.