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Hello Apple lover, the time has come for Apple to blew everyone off with extraordinary promotions where you will enjoy this promo because I think we have not done any promo about Apple products before. Apple is one of the widely known and consumed products in the world, everywhere you go you would see there is most likely 8 or maybe 9 out of 10 people is using an iPhone, or any Apple product there is.


Apple has been popular even before the release of iPhone models, and besides that Apple was the first that invented the phone that has so many capabilities and features when the released of the iPhone 1 from the year 2007, and it blew away all the fans and people are even astounded by it. From that day onward, Apple has been skyrocketed in the market and the ideas or concept of a phone was completely changed after that.

Now, Apple has literally influenced the world where the phone is already the need in this future. Before that, no other one could see this future besides Apple and obviously, Steve Jobs. The iPhone model has been released to the model 12 now, that is iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro. And not only phone is released by Apple, but their popular known product is also iMac (Desktop) and MacBook (Laptop) which currently are using the famous M1 chip.


For those who do not know about this M1 Chip of Apple, it is actually a Central Processing Chip (CPU) and Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) combine into a single chip. It was the first chip ever created by Apple and it is designed specially for Mac which is just released in 2020. Now, Apple has the most powerful chip that has ever been created making it the world’s best CPU performance and the fastest integrated graphic in the world.

As of rumor says it, they said iPhone has the lowest radiation possible compared to other phones, that is just rumors. And from my point of view, I personally love the security and the back data that is imbedded to Apple products, as well as their performance in Mac. Some of the development required Apple products to work more efficiently. So, it is worth the money to invest in their product.

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