[ UP to 50% OFF ] Puma Lazada Malaysia

Who does not love sports gear and sportswear? Especially those which are world-recognized, this time we will be doing Puma Malaysia. Puma has been in the game for quite some time, it is a sportswear brand that is hugely known worldwide and sponsored by a lot of celebrities and athletes. Noticed Usain Bolt wears Puma brand sportswear every time he went to a tournament.

[ UP to 50% OFF ] Puma Lazada Malaysia

Not being a stalker, to tell you the truth, I am really fond of the Puma brand compared to the other brand. Other brands like Nike, Adidas, New Balance I mean they are good, I like them as well, but I especially love Puma.

Honestly, I cannot tell which brands are better or whatsoever, they all seem the same to me, not to offend others. But what I like about Puma is because of the design that they have. The crazy story is that every time I went to a sportswear store I would probably look for Puma first. Before that, I was looking for track pants for sports, and Puma happened to release a track pants design many years back where the side of the pants had just one wide and white lining.

I am the type of person who likes a simple and nice design, not those complicated and colorful where you have so much going on in a clothing design. Adidas had a thin 3 lines on the side, and Nike is blank with just their logo. From that moment onward it was just like love at first sight, and I begin to love Puma since then. And not to mention, that Puma track pants were called Puma T7 Bboy Track Pants for somehow. It is even popular and on sale even now.

[ UP to 50% OFF ] Puma Lazada Malaysia

That sums up my story of why I prefer Puma to other brands, and not just that, I love the design of their shoes as well. Back then I did not have any money to buy a sport shoe when I was young, and some kind of lady decide to buy some shoes for me, and guess what? It is a Puma brand shoe, it was about RM100 more or so, I tell you this, although it was not much that means a lot to me, that is the first time I ever got such branded shoes.

It was very comfortable, if I wear it, I will not get feet sore for walking long period of time. Plus, that was the year 2017 I guess, after 4 years of today that shoe is completely still in good condition, not torn, but a little scratch that’s all. A more than RM100 shoe, last for 4 years with heavy using and still good till now, that is money worth spending. That is why I trust the brand Puma.

Puma Lazada Malaysia

[ UP to 50% OFF ] Puma Lazada Malaysia

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Be safe as always, and shop smart as always.