[ UP to 70% OFF ] ASUS Factory Mall Lazada Malaysia

ASUS Factory Mall Lazada Malaysia

This is the first that we are doing about ASUS products. Well, as you know it most computer users like IT tech people or gamers, ASUS is famously known for their computers and laptops. If you would like to buy a new pc or laptop for yourself, the first suggestion that came right across your mind would be the ASUS brand, why?

Compared to the other brand, ASUS Is the most recommended brand there is throughout Malaysia, if you asked your friend what they would get, they will probably choose ASUS, not saying other brands are bad recommendations. It is proven statistically that in the year of 2020, ASUS is the top number usages in the world. Even I myself had chosen ASUS as my first laptop to be honest, and the reason behind it is because that the brand is used by most people.

Not only they produced laptops or desktop computers, but they also even have other products like monitors, computer hardware components like RAM, Graphics and you name it. If you like to know since they specify in computers, and at the end of 2006 years the elite team of ASUS engineers and designers came together, and they created a team where they focus on the best gaming experience and it was called to this day, Republic of Gamers (ROG). Where their product is used for hardcore gaming and heavy usage.

ASUS Factory Mall Lazada Malaysia

Now there is another brand that came out of ASUS that is ROG, best gaming experience and performance to be honest. And fans are going wild with all their releases. Since then, ROG had become one of the trademarks leaving the world amazed. After that, ASUS has yet released another gaming brand as well, and it was called TUFF. From my point of view, although TUFF is also a gaming brand from ASUS, it was cheaper than ROG and they called it the budgeted gaming laptop. Although it is budgeted, the laptop is still at the highest performance there is, and they just released a new model last year in the year 2020, and it was hot selling that there was not enough.

And ASUS had been selling since until today, they have one of the best performance devices throughout the year. From single-screen display to multi-screen display like the ZenBook pro, flipbooks, and touchscreen, the future. Making them dominion in the market.

ASUS Factory Mall Lazada Malaysia

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ASUS Factory Mall Lazada Malaysia

Here in Lazada, there is an ASUS store where you can browse and look for any ASUS product that you are interested in, the sales where it is UP to 70% OFF! And while you are at it, there are vouchers for grabs too, discount vouchers with minimum spending range you could get more discount on the spot. From hardware to accessories, anything you name it.

Do not miss out on this chance to get something authentic within the period of time, shop smart as always.