Writing & Translation (Articles & Blog Post) Fiverr

Wanted to learn how to write articles or a blog posts but you do not know where to start? I understand your feeling of frustration of whether how you should start your article. Should you start with a heartwarming welcome? Or should you get straight into the things you wanted to include.

Writing an article or blog takes a little bit of skills, there is no need for high skills actually. All you have to do is just think a little bit like firstly choose the topic that you wanted to talk about for this blog or articles. Creating a topic outline and conduct a little of research on your topic is related, you have the best advantage if you research more.

After you gather what you needed for your topic you can begin to do your writing. And while you were doing that, you need to learn how to catch your reader’s attention, that is why your headline of the topic is so important. Once you get a good headline, people will be interested in reading them afterward. If possible, keep the content of your article within the topic, do not drove far apart from your topic as well.

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Writing & Translation (Articles & Blog Post) Fiverr

To be honest, you can also write about the experience that you had regarding the topic only if it is suitable to share it with the public because we do not want things to get too personal. You can start your writing on a draft first before writing at your media or any platforms, make changes till the very end that you are satisfied with your writing and you thought it is okay to publish, then published to your platform.

Most importantly, use images or videos to enhance your post, imaging reading a blog with all writing would be boring, to be honest, that is where images and video do their part by making your articles look livelier and more interesting. Not only that, but it can also improve the flow of your articles as well where it could be humor or very detailed information.

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Writing & Translation (Articles & Blog Post) Fiverr

And lastly, check again for any errors of words or sentences, get your vocabulary right. Since we are living in the year 2021, there are a lot of tools for a web browser where it can help in checking your vocabulary. It is an extension for your browser like I am using Chrome as my browser, and I had installed an extension called Grammarly to help me check if there is any suitable vocabulary in my sentences.

Also, remember this, keep your paragraph short between 3 to 4 lines, 5 lines are the maximum for me but it is best to keep it at 4 lines a paragraph. You do not want to bore out your reader. And if you looking for more detail teaching of how to write articles or blog post, you may go to Fiverr where there are a lot of tutors and instructors give out teaching service to others.

Articles & Blog Post Fiverr

As I explained before, there are a lot of instructors in Fiverr, you may choose any of them by looking at their rating and history review where the previous clients make comment about their work, to encourage other faith toward the instructors. Of course, it is based on the price as well, the higher the better the course is.

I hope you learn something in the process and be smart of making any decision when it comes to spending your wallet.