[ UP to 20% OFF ] Darlie Flagship Store Lazada Malaysia

Alright, any Darlie lover here? Yes, after Colgate and now we will be doing Darlie as well. Well, Darlie is also one of the most known in Malaysia. For us Chinese, not to offend anyone we use to have another name of this toothpaste based on the logo and such.

Darlie Flagship Store Lazada Malaysia

Even though Darlie is another brand of toothpaste if you ask me which toothpaste brand is better? I can honestly tell you, I do not know much about toothpaste or differentiate toothpaste. Another big shot brand like Sensodyne or Systema, that I can tell you is that these pricier toothpaste brands do have a difference.

The first time I used Sensodyne, I can feel that the paste is actually cleaning the bacteria out of my teeth, it is just like my lips and teeth are having numbness and a tiny brush is actually brushing every aspect of my teeth. And it is really clean, before that, I had used one of the pastes that are specialized to protect gum, as I was having ache in my gum. And surprisingly, I felt better after using this paste.

From my point of view, there is no which toothpaste is better, to be honest. It is all based on your liking, and which is suitable for your taste, and suitable for your gum. And if you are able to afford a better one, I would suggest you go for Sensodyne or Systema, since they are officially better toothpaste.

Darlie Flagship Store Lazada Malaysia

But if you like to stick to the normal toothpaste like Darlie or Colgate, sure why not. They clean your teeth 24/7 as well, they also help in whitening your teeth too. Even I myself are using Darlie and Colgate still until today. I do not have any specification on which one I like better I just basically use any of them.

But when it comes to toothbrushes, I would be picky, and I would definitely choose the thinner brush. Because it helps in cleaning the area that is between our teeth. And always remember to keep your brushing variation from top and bottom rather than left and right. Because based on studies and recommended by my dentist, it is a better way to clean your teeth.

Darlie Flagship Store Lazada Malaysia

Darlie Flagship Store Lazada Malaysia

In Lazada Malaysia, Darlie is officially giving deals UP TO 20% OFF! With toothbrush and toothpaste and if you know this, you could get some backup paste for your family if you want, so that way you do not need to go get it in the store, and if your kids ever need any kids’ toothpaste, Darlie is there to provide anything you need.

While you are at it, there are discount vouchers for grabs too with minimum spending required. The deal will not last long, so get right to it if you can and be healthy and safe as always.