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Yes, Colgate… A very known toothpaste brand that everyone knows especially Malaysian. I have been using this toothpaste from the day I was born. All of us literally have to brush every day, and that is why I believe everyone needs toothpaste such as this.

Colgate Flagship Store

If you know this, keeping a clean and healthy tooth is not just about the toothpaste, it is also about what kind of toothbrush you are using. If you are using the best toothpaste in the world without a good brush, and brushing method, I can assure you that the cleaning is not as effective as it would be.

Before that, I used to think any toothbrush will do or any toothpaste will do, as long as you brush your teeth you will be fine. And a little from my experience, when I was young, I used to brush a lot but then I grew lazy eventually and started just brush my teeth only once a day that during the night before sleeping.

Over a while later, one of my teeth started to have toothache during to some reason. That is the first time I felt the pain of toothaches and it hurts to the tip of the mountain. I could not do my daily activities well and especially eating and sleeping. If you have felt it before it is just like needles sticking into one of your teeth. And anyway, I found out that it had a small hole on it, and I figure maybe it is the brushing method that I had always done that could not get to those certain areas.

Colgate Flagship Store

And the toothbrush I was using, is quite thick as it could not reach the center space of my teeth. That is why it had a cavity on it. Eventually, I got it removed, and it was a big tooth. I brush once a day and I had a toothache, whereas my brother did not brush at all during that time, and he was fine until today! Where is the logic?

Anyway, from my recommendation you should get a smaller head and thin brush toothbrush where the brush could reach the back of your last tooth, and the thin brush could reach in between your teeth. Plus, brush gently and not forcefully where you could injure your gums and teeth. Make sure to brush the back of your teeth as well and keep your brushing variation up and down instead of left and right. That is the most effective way to have healthy teeth.

Colgate Flagship Store

Colgate Flagship Store

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