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[ UP to 80% OFF ] EZ GROUP Lazada Malaysia

It is that time of the month again, with only 2 weeks left for our most beloved Chinese New Year. Everyone is now preparing for another reunion with their own families. Even my own house is now in the cleaning phase, getting rid of the old and welcoming the new.

It is going to be a little bit different this year as we are able to at least have a small gathering in our house with SOPs applied in each of the houses. Compared to the year 2021, we don’t get to have any visiting at all, spending all those quality time at home resting ourselves, eating all the goods alone. 

But what I do love about this celebration is the fireworks flying everywhere in the dark blue sky, like a giant firefly flying right in front of us and exploding into tiny shooting stars. Although this happened every once a year, it is a sight that you would not get old. As firework is like a symbol of joy and happiness that is brought to all the families.

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[ UP to 80% OFF ] EZ GROUP Lazada Malaysia

Another I love about Chinese New Year is a family reunion, having to meet your long-lost relative that had been living in and outside of Malaysia, especially during the pandemic. Most of the locals could not make it home for at least 2 years, as it was restricted to cross border to border. I finally get to meet my cousins after these 2 years, they are coming home for the first time after the pandemic.

Since welcoming the new year, feeling your house needed new furniture? Or equipment? Or anything at all. It is always nice to have a moment where families could prepare cookies, chips, or other goods before the first day of Chinese New Year, and at the same time have quality time with movies together.

That is right, a bigger screen with better resolution and motion colors always makes any movies even more interesting. Especially having a big family in a house, or you feel like changing new monitors for a better working and gaming experience in this new year, you had come to the right place.


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[ UP to 80% OFF ] EZ GROUP Lazada Malaysia

In Lazada Malaysia, LED TV MEGRA- EZ GROUP is giving out promotions and deals where you could get UP to 80% OFF for a single item! They had a 43-to-65-inch smart TV available in the budget of a thousand, which is the cheapest you could get in any store nowadays for a smart TV.

So hurry up and make your order today! So you could have the best experience in this upcoming Chinese New Year. Promotions and Deals are not always available, so don’t miss it out!