[ 25% OFF ] Xiaomi PORCO X3 GT Lazada Malaysia

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[ 25% OFF ] Xiaomi PORCO X3 GT Lazada Malaysia

Smart phone nowadays is increasing in quality, so you can’t imagine how good it is compared to 5 years ago, need more to say 10 years ago.

The last phone I was using was a Huawei P10 Lite, it was a great phone by the way when it was released. It was considered as a mid-range phone quality when it was released in the year 2017. It has a storage of 32GB to 64GB. Normal memory RAM is around 3GB, but you get an upgrade to 4GB only, which is 1GB apart.

That is the time when the Android version is in Android 7.0 (Nougat), upgradable to Android 8 (Oreo). Using a chipset of Kirin 658, and EMUI 8, the version of Huawei. That time I was really amazed by the camera quality which had a 12 MP (Mega Pixels) for the front camera, and the selfie camera was quite normal that is 8 MP.

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[ 25% OFF ] Xiaomi PORCO X3 GT Lazada Malaysia

Smartphones before that usually would not go that high if you remembered during the year of 2010 onwards. So, for this phone, it was considered as not a bad phone if you are not using it for a heavy-duty purpose.

As where you look at it now, this phone might be long gone, it belongs in a museum or something. What I am trying to tell you is how fast technologies had grown. Within 5 years’ time, there are a lot of phones that have higher specifications than this one.

If you are planning to use the budget of RM 1.5K, you could easily get the highest specification there is. For example, Xiaomi POCO X3 GT was released last year, 2021 July. Let’s do a little comparison, shall we?

Within 5 years’ time, you could see that this phone has a full-screen display on the phone, where the phone Huawei P10 Lite does not have. Not just that, it is a bigger size, the storage could go up to 128GB and 256GB, memory RAM is 8GB.

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[ 25% OFF ] Xiaomi PORCO X3 GT Lazada Malaysia

Better yet, usually, the main camera of smartphone only has 1 camera, but for this case, it contains a few cameras together, with 64 MP x 8 MP x 2 MP, and making the video had 4K resolution, usually phone had only HD resolution. As for the front camera, it is 16 MP with HD resolution.

Event some of the phones had 108 MP, and other high-end function. So, now you see how technologies evolve so quickly, and maybe in this year, this phone could be not that interesting anymore since newer models are coming out.

Xiaomi PORCO X3 GT Lazada Malaysia

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[ 25% OFF ] Xiaomi PORCO X3 GT Lazada Malaysia

So, if you ever needed a budget smartphone, I would recommend you Xiaomi Poco X3 GT, even I myself am using Redmi, another sub-brand from Xiaomi as well. It’s not that pricey compared to another phone, and all the things we need in daily use are all in there.

Hurry up and get it from the Xiaomi store in Lazada, it comes with a few colors that could satisfy you are wanting to it. Get it while it is still on sale.